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Welcome to SideDoor Counseling, LLC.

We have created a space where we can work together with you to discover and meet your individual needs. We understand that each person comes with unique needs and experiences and we will meet you where you are in your journey. Our primary goal is to provide you an experience of acceptance, authenticity and discovery so that you can begin living your life fully.

About Us

Sarah Malone, MS, LPC

Sarah Malone, MS, LPC (she/her)

I’ve been working with individuals who struggle with eating disorders, trauma, anxiety, OCD, depression, gender and identity issues for over 20 years. My passion lies in helping folks discover that change is possible. I have seen so many people be able to move on in their lives and find what they have been looking for, or in some cases, what they were missing. I am direct and to the point in my approach to therapy and won’t leave you wondering what I’m thinking or why I’m asking questions. I’m genuine in my words and believe that transparency within the relationship is key. Therapy needs to feel safe, and I make it a goal to provide a judgement free environment where you can have the space to share and get the feedback you need without worrying about being analyzed.

I believe that the approach we take in your therapy needs to be motivated by what works best for you, and together we will discover the path to help you move toward your goals.

I am clinically trained and well versed in using CBT, DBT, Emotion Focused Family Therapy, Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Exposure Response Prevention and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I have worked as a primary therapist, family and couples’ therapist, Clinical Manager, and Clinical Director of an eating disorder program and served individuals at all levels of care. I am highly experienced in individual, group, couples, and family therapy.

Coming into therapy is a difficult move for many people, and when you aren’t sure you want help or need it, this can make it even more challenging.

Sometimes the thought is as simple as, “I don’t know where to start.” I can help you find your direction and with you, set goals along the way. You don’t have to know all the pieces coming in - this is where I can help. Let’s put the pieces together and focus on what’s next. Everyone needs a place to feel heard and to use their voice and I would love the chance to give this opportunity to you.

Olga Mikhnyuk, MS, LPC

Olga Mikhnyuk, MS, LPC (she/her)

I work with folks who are seeking support in managing anxiety, depression, stress, binge eating, experiencing relationship difficulties or going through life transitions.

My approach is direct, supportive, and empathic. I am here to listen, provide honest feedback and help you explore alternative ways to cope. Through our work together we will look into what stands in the way for you to have the life you want to have and explore how to respond to those barriers. I believe in the power of authenticity, finding your voice, accepting human struggle, moving away from labels, practicing vulnerability, and taking action.

I practice Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Exposure and Response Prevention primarily and also utilize components of CBT, DBT and other modalities. All of those approaches are evidence-based and are equal, it all depends on what your needs are and what works best for you. If none of those names are familiar to you, it’s okay, you don’t have to know the terms to be able to distinguish whether it is working for you or not, but if you have questions, let me know.

I have been in the field since 2009 and worked on an inpatient crisis stabilization unit, serving individuals with various mental health difficulties, and also worked at eating disorder programs at Eating Recovery Center and Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital, from residential to outpatient levels of care. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Colorado and am clinically trained in ACT, ERP, CBT and DBT. I provide individual, couples, family and group therapy in English, Russian and Ukrainian.


Sarah and Olga

At SideDoor Counseling, LLC, we provide counseling to the individual, families, and couples both in person and via telehealth. We offer support groups for people who are seeking help as well as support groups for family members and loved ones. We also provide consultation groups for professionals and are available for public speaking and education.

Sarah Malone, MS, LPC


  • Eating Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Gender
  • Identity
  • Body Image and Body Dysmorphia
  • Self-Esteem
Olga Mikhnyuk, MS, LPC


  • Anxiety
  • Life Transitions
  • Depression
  • Self-Growth
  • Stress Management
  • Self-Acceptance and Self-Compassion
  • Binge Eating
  • Compulsive Overeating
  • Stress Eating

Group Therapy

Binge Eating Virtual Support Group

If you are:

  • Seeking to connect with others who get it
  • Feeling out of control and looking for answers
  • Wanting to better understand and express your needs
  • Searching for ways to break the cycle of shame, self-judgment and fear of being rejected

What to expect:

  • Group discussion and new topics presented weekly
  • Explore the functions of binging and more effective ways to cope
  • Strategies for managing difficult thoughts and feelings
  • Supportive environment for receiving and providing feedback
  • Opportunity to process, share your story and be heard

Start date: October 6
When: Tuesdays 5:30PM-7PM
Duration: 8 Weeks
For questions and registration, please contact Olga.

Eating Disorders Support Group

There is nothing about this process that doesn’t suck. Maybe you aren’t even sure that you want to let go of all aspects of the eating disorder, or maybe you feel done with it, but don’t know how to get through letting go. Sometimes trying to recover from an eating disorder can feel like a lonely and isolated process where trying to get people to understand what you are having to deal with every day to get the support you need seems impossible. Here you can have a space to share and be understood without explanation or judgment. The group will be primarily process-focused where you can share your struggles, ask questions, get feedback and gain or offer support.

This group will have limited space to ensure that everyone has time to share. Please contact Sarah for more information on what to expect and availability.

Eating Disorders Friends and Family Support Group

Are you a parent, partner, or a friend and you find yourself asking, “Did I do something wrong?” “Why has nothing helped?” “Will this ever change?” “I just don’t understand…” fill in the blank, then you are in the right place. I’ve been working with individuals suffering from eating disorders for over 20 years, and have aided the families and loved ones that are on the other end of this crippling disorder understand, learn how support and how to cope themselves with this illness. It truly takes a village to help those suffering to recover and you need your own to support in this process.

In this group, I will be providing support and guidance in how to be there for your loved one as well as be there to support you. This process can feel so exhausting and having your own space to share and take time for YOU is necessary. Here you will be surrounded by others that are going through a similar journey as you. Start your village of support today.

Group space is limited in order to provide the best support possible. Please contact Sarah for any questions on what this group will entail and availability.

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Sarah and Olga

Sarah Malone

Olga Mikhnyuk